Thanks for your support

I have had the honor of representing the Eagle River area for the last eight years - six years in the House of Representatives and two years in the Senate. Recent changes to the voting district boundaries have provided me the opportunity to continue to serve Eagle River. My time in the House and Senate, coupled with seven years of hard work for Eagle River as a member and as chair of the Anchorage Assembly, give me the right experience to represent District G in the Senate.

As a public servant for over 15 years, I will remain responsive to the needs of our community and our families. My experience gives me the skills and knowledge to be resourceful in order to get the job done. I am the reliable candidate for Senate District G and look forward to continuing to serve the people of Eagle River in the State Senate.

I will continue to:

  • Work for safe neighborhoods and quality education.
  • Control State spending & implement a long range financial plan.
  • Support funding for road repair and construction.
  • Advocate for responsible resource development.

I look forward to serving you.Anna's Signature